The damn project helps mappers by dividing a big area into smaller squares that people can map together.

Try to map some squares or manage areas.

If you are advanced mapper, check out the damn plugin for JOSM or the panel for iD. If you prefer manual square lock workflow, use the mappy client.

You may use RSS to keep track of the areas changes, intersecting web page to check if your new area intersects with other active areas, and python scripts for checking abandoned/intersecting areas.




Code of conduct

Mapping workflows

Multiple mapping workflows are supported by the damn clients. The following sections contain summary of particular mapping workflow, supported clients, and diagram of possible states before/after the square is locked.

Map-review-done workflow

Basic mapping workflow good for all kinds of mapping. Newbie mappers should start with the Map-review-done workflow. The mapper choose to map the recent, oldest, random, or nearest square. The reviewer choose to review the recent, oldest, random, nearest, or newbie’s square.

Supported clients:

Common mapping workflow diagram

Could skip review

When no review is needed, it may be skipped. Good for personal projects or for areas that need only checking.

Supported clients:

Could skip review workflow diagram

Manual square lock

Each square of the area must be locked manually. This workflow helps fixing mistakes introduced in other workflows, or to prepare the area, e.g. merging all the water squares and marking them done.

Supported clients:

Manual square lock workflow diagram

Mapping with prepared data

Similar to the Map-review-done workflow with three basic differences: prepared data are loaded when mapping begins, only JOSM damn plugin is supported, square splitting and merging must be avoided.

Supported clients:

Mapping with prepared data workflow diagram

Download notes periodically

This is improvement to previous mapping workflows when working with notes. The damn plugin for JOSM can be set-up with the period to download the notes.

Supported clients:

Map or review work of other mappers

This is improvement to previous mapping workflows when using damn plugin for JOSM. You can select which mapper’s work to follow by right click to Divide and map. Now. dialog window, then which mapper, then put the mapper’s name.

Setting the mapper’s name affects map and review actions, except the review newbie.

Example use-case is when you want to review squares of particular mapper: you set the mapper’s name and click Review button.

Supported clients:

Area lifecycle

Area is a place to be mapped.

Manager is a user of Divide and map. Now. who creates or changes areas.

Abandoned area is an area with no commits in last month. (One commit is one arbitrary activity: locking square for mapping and marking it for review are two commits; changing area’s priority is one commit.)

Area to finish is an area with priority -10. (Areas with the priority less than zero are not listed within active areas.)

Finished area is an area that has been removed from the database and is accessible read-only.

Every day, there is a periodic check for abandoned areas. Priority of each abandoned area that has no commits in last month plus three days is changed to -10. Thus, it actually becomes area to finish.

Every day, there is a periodic check for areas to finish. Each area to finish that has no commits in last month is removed from the database, but accessible read-only. Thus, it actually becomes finished area.

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Keep mapping!